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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become a leading IT Service Provider on the global stage. Protecting our clients' data and systems while supporting their business IT needs.

Our mission is to build a team of experienced engineers with a wide range of IT knowledge, always up to date on new technologies and threats. Support businesses in all IT aspects, protecting critical business systems and valuable data. 

Our Story

Cloudable Solutions Pte Ltd started as a cloud business software as a service company and evolved over the years to a data protection company. While supporting businesses, our team sees an increase in cyber risks within our customers' IT environment. Threats are getting sophisticated while there are too many solutions on too many different platforms to address each threat. 

Cloudable Data Protection Suite was then put together as a core cyber defense based on traditional backup, cloud backup, disaster recovery services, active malware protection based on artificial intelligence/machine learning, support, maintenance, and complete managed services. 

2020/2021 has been and will be a challenge for businesses on many levels and we will make it through the storm together. 

Base on statistics, our studies, and researches, we have built Cloudable Data Protection Suite to protect your businesses in this ever-changing Cyberthreats landscape. Our approach will help businesses mitigate these risks and progressively build a high-efficiency IT environment in your workplace. 

We look forward to working with you soon.

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