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Active Protection

Full-stack Anti-Malware to replace inefficient, legacy Antivirus with Integrated Cyber Protection



Improve detection rates and speed to catch more threats with exploit prevention, URL filtering, anti-malware scans for backed-up data, and an
enhanced virus signature database.


Deliver services effortlessly with smart and easy protection policy management, auto allowlist of custom apps, automatic malware scans, and AV definitions updates as part of recovery process.


Enable thorough post-incident investigations and proper remediation, while keeping costs down by collecting digital evidence and storing it in a secure central repository.


Anti-malware functionalities, AI-and behavior-based detection focused on zero-day attacks and ransomware

• Active Protection: Next-gen, behavior-based
technology built to proactively stop cyberthreats, with a focus on ransomware and zero-day attacks

• Vulnerability assessments
• Data loss prevention (DLP) with device control
• Backup and recovery
• Automatic data recovery after a ransomware attack


Full-stack anti-malware to replace ineffective, legacy antivirus with an
integrated cyber protection. Expand protection to cover web attacks and exploits, improve detection rates and reactiveness to emerging
threats, reduce false positives, and ensure no threat recurrence.

Full-stack anti-malware protection: Real-time protection
covering all attack vectors with multiple defense layers
URL filtering: Block malicious URLs, web-based attacks, and
COVID-19 scams
Exploit prevention: Behavior-based detection heuristics prevent
the exploitation of unknown vulnerabilities, including memory
exploits and injections
Anti-malware scans of data in the Backup Cloud: Offload
client endpoints to enable more aggressive scans and ensure
malware-free backups
Forensics data in backups: Collect digital evidence to enable
faster investigations and reduce the cost of remediation
CPOC threat feed: Increase reactiveness to emerging threats
and get remediation suggestions
Automatic allow listing: Reduce false positives and enable more
aggressive scanning
Malware reinfection prevention: Scan for malware and
update AV definitions during recovery to prevent a threat from
Remote device wipe: prevent data leaks via lost devices

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